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Hi y’all! So my name is JJ short for Jana Jo . I’m just a nurse from Texas who came across this great site a couple days before Xmas 2020. Haven’t gotten rich , YET but hopes are high and so far so good! People are nice and reading all the great replies to topics in this forum is sure to make one smile. 
I would like to just say I think getting to level 14 is damn near impossible and wtf does COCO pop up on my screen if at level 4 I’m incapable of getting anything out of hitting coco . 
it’s like some sick joke.  I could stop clicking on coco and not have to be reminded of that  I suck and can't profit from it but I guess I keep doing it in hopes that it will say hey! Congrats LEVEL 14 you hit Coco and here's your free BTC! 


Keep hoping for that BTC in one hand right.. And shit in the other. See which comes first. 

Hopefully a shit code for a free BTC! 

Anyhow thanks for creating such a fun experience and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! 




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