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New Game Idea - Mystery Coin daily wheel spin


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I think that there should be a place for users to post ideas for new games. I already game up with Coco's Shark Island where you bet how high up through the swimming sharks Coco will swim, like Crash, often he gets eaten at the bottom, but sometimes he makes it all the way to the top. Here's my new idea:

Just like we have the special coins for the election, what if there was a special coin that is only given out in the daily spin, but it's a MYSTERY COIN called MC.

You get 20,000 Satoshi of MC, and you have 24 hours to increase it, and then on your NEXT DAILY SPIN, you spin the wheel, and it tells you what coin you have.

So you could by betting Vsys or BTC, you never know till you spin the wheel tomorrow.

I think this would add a whole level of Excitement to players, because they might get an Epic Nano Win, but a few times a day someone gets BTC that they never, ever expected in their lifetime.

I think that there should be a spot on the wheel where it's like a consolation prize, even if you spend all of your daily satoshi, you still have a chance to win the daily allotment, so if it is BTC or another higher valued coin, you would still at least get something, and if it was a Nano coin, at least you didn't lose much. That way you still feel like you have a last chance to win.

If you like this idea, please click the Like button, so maybe Coco will throw me 10 Doge.

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