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Pie charts Tile of Interest

Monstrous Eberto

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I've tried explaining it before. but i think i may have finally found another way to show you this in a simple way. it took few days of thinking of what exactly I'm trying to show. well it boiled down to actually only needing to identify which segment of the wheel needs to be watched while playing any risk level with any amount of segments you choose to play.

to put it even more simply,

you start off wheel probably playing Low risk level and 10 segments. this choice has low payout but only 2/10 are losses. giving you a pretty good advantage. what i noticed i could do to better my chances was to watch for the white segment that is right next to the only green 1.5 segment on the wheel. doing this i only have a 1/10 chance of loosing if i switch my risk level when it feels it about time it land on that white segment. good news is if at anytime you lose sight of the tile of interest, all you need to do is press refresh. BC.game starts the owl off inside the Tile of Interest. So before placing any bets, click through all the different tiles. get familiar with the entire wheel so you can play this game the way its meant to be played. its not just a wheel of chance. its a wheel of probability and all you need is some basic logical thinking skills after some time you'll begin building statistical data that you'll feel confident believing in. when you sense its going to hit, that's when you go for it. if you're catching more than you don't in doing this then you know you need to spend more time building statistical data in you mind to go off of. this game is beneficial most to those who are attentive to it. and the cool thing is its the only game on BC game that give you 1/50 win chance with a 49.5x payout, as is hardest win to get. I've seen some win chances be as low as 0.0000000012%. payout was 1000x.  

if you do better at visuals, I've put together the three risk levels and each segment. i highlighted the Tile of interest while playing wheel. learning where it is no mater what risk level you choose and no matter which segment you choose, will better your chances at catching the payouts at High risk level. learning this will also give you the confidence to not just run through losses on high in hopes to catch it and still make profit. you can spend your run through still winning and you can potentially win every spin. you just need to play smart and feel for when the tile of interest will win. after some time of playing you'll even learn when to change your segment to receive even higher payouts. 

trying again to explain it and its just not to my satisfaction.. so before anything else, here is the most simplified way of putting it. pay close attention to the relation between segments and risk levels. then go try to win on Wheel. Here are the Pie charts;







the yellow tile you see in these is the tile that the red owl is in anytime you refresh the page. i think it is like this because it really shows us a hidden secret in this game. like anything you play, you always want to be aware of where you are at , and whats in the way of where you wanna be. with this game there are no secrets. they wanted to show us this so we could play the game the way its meant to be played. And Also cause obviously they want to see people win from this game! the tile of interest is the high risk levels only win on their charts. 


Okay i think i've given it my best effort to explain this part about wheel. i now feel satisfied. to some degree. If you wish to continue reading, im going to point out some other things i've noticed in the wheels. 

Low risk level: the amount of loses start out with 2 and raises by 2 each lime you level up. i also see there are not changes in payouts. so i've decided if i'm playing low risk, no matter what i'm gonna play 10 segment only. 20, 30, 40 and 50 segment you cannot keep track of which tile is the tile of interest

Medium risk level: loss every other tile. for this i limit my time on medium risk. if i do play medium risk i play 20 segment. it just looks like a better wheel. i cant put it to words it just feels like a better wheel to bet on. i at times play 30 segment too. there must be a reason its got a 4x payout which is higher than 40 segment. its quite easy to familiarize yourself with the wheel playing on medium. just remember what segment you want to be going for when your playing and keep track of where it'll win

High risk level: its better to play 10 segment because you get paid more. technically. for 10 segment you get 9.9 and as you go higher in segments you loose 0.1 in your payout multiplier. 20 segment pays 19,8 30 segment pays 29,7 40 segment pays 39.6 and 50 segment pay 49.5. although i still keep my where about for all of these segments because if you feel ones about to hit then you're about to win big if it does. To be safest though choose 10 segment if you're not sure how far into the segment it will stop. 

there's a tile that wins with only 2 segments and on only one risk level. the tile directly across from the tile of interest. it wins on medium risk level on 30 segment and 50 segment only. this is a tile to be cautious of for sure. this is easily identifiable as the other loss when playing on low risk level 10 segments. if you sense its gong to land on this tile then you've got only 2 choices to make it a win if it land here. 

Thanks for reading., hope it helps. share what other patters or clues that might be helpful when playing. 


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